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Spring 2015 Schedule of Events

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Shore Hill Neighborhood Center (Community Room between East & West Buildings) at Shore Hill Residence, 9000 Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY 11209. Start time is 7:30 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Meetings are free and open to the public.

Wednesday, March 18

Old Bay Ridge and Ovington Village

BRHS Vice President Matthew Scarpa will present his second book on Bay Ridge entitled Old Bay Ridge & Ovington Village: A History. Matthew’s latest publication features several biographies on many prominent Bay Ridge residents of the late 19th century, including, Henry C. Murphy, E.W. Bliss, Teunis G. Bergen, Otto Heinigke, Samuel W. Thomas, and many more. Scarpa's narrative history includes the importance of Ovington Village's establishment in 1850 on Bay Ridge's identity, and the neighborhood it was to become. Books will be available for purchase.

Wednesday, April 15

Rice: A Global History

Rice has been a staple of American and international cuisines for generations. It has played an integral part in many the history of many different nations and cultures, and has also been a fundamental commodity in our ever-shrinking globalized world. Come join New York City area chef Renee Morton as she talks about the impact that rice has had on world history for nearly 1,000 years.

Wednesday, May 20

Brooklyn Heights: the Rise, Fall and Rebirth of America's First Suburb

Much has been written about the history of Brooklyn Heights, but BRHS member Bob Furman takes a different approach by exploring how the technological improvements of the 19th century gave rise to America’s First Suburb and very well nearly caused its demise. Along the way, he discusses many of Brooklyn Heights’ famous denizens, including Brooklyn and NYC mayor Seth Low, Henry Ward Beecher, Washington and Emily Roebling and artists such as Norman Mailer as well as the Russian spy Rudolf Abel.

Wednesday, June 17

Owl's Head and "The Bay Ridge Parkway"
At the turn of the 20th century, when the neighborhood still had farms but no public parks, planners envisioned an uninterrupted network of greenspaces that would start at Fort Hamilton Parkway, travel west, curve around Owl's Head (then still a private estate), and continue down the shore to the armybase. The Bay Ridge Parkway, not to be confused with 75th Street, was meant to rival Eastern and Ocean Parkways—but that's not quite how it turned out. Bay Ridge native Henry Stewart will discuss what happened to Bay Ridge’s proposed parkway and how that impacts Bay Ridge today.

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